Armi Jager AP74 M16 lookalike in 22LR

about 6 years ago
Armi Jager AP74 M16 lookalike in 22LR
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Pennsylvania (Lehigh County)

One Armi Jager AP74 with one 15-ish rd mag, sling and Barska scope. Bought it from a member here some years back and have had a lot of fun with it, once I figured out what ammo it liked.
I suspect the firing pin strike is getting a bit weak as the ammo that worked best was that with the softer primers, i.e. non nickeled brass, like the hotter bulk Winchester.
Anyway, this is a pic taken by the previous owner, it has not changed visually at all, but I will take up to date pics upon request.
Terms. Ftf only. LTCF and driver's license copy and receipt requested. Sale price is $350.00 or trade for 750 rounds of factory ,45acp. Will travel to meet within half hour or so of the Lehigh/Northampton County line. Reply here via PM or drop me an email drum.taylor (AT)
(sorry for the huge pic - mod assistance re: shrinkage would be GREATLY appreciated)