CZ 82 9x18mm semi-auto pistol with mags/ammo

about 4 years ago
 CZ 82 9x18mm semi-auto pistol with mags/ammo
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Northwest Firearms
beaverton oregon

Ok firstly let me point out that im not super excited about parting ways with this pistol however im trying to consolidate calibers and this is my only gun in 9mm makarov so im putting it up to see if theres any interest.
These are excellent pistols and used to be available dirt cheap however they are becoming harder to find and the prices are steadily climbing. This one was made in 1985 its a surplus pistol so the finish is a little beat up but actually alot better than the finish i have seen on some of these pistols.
comes with 3 magazines and 198 rounds of 9x18mm makarov ammo.
im looking to trade for a 9x19mm pistol police trade in glock or smith, beretta px4 (one of those israeli surplus beat to hell browning hp's) im NOT interested in taurus,kel tec, hi-point
im asking $400 or offer
PM questions, dont want magic stones, drum kits, livestock or broken dreams so please dont ask.
located in beaverton oregon!
thanks for looking!