Rem 700 CDL SF 280 AI

over 3 years ago
Rem 700 CDL SF 280 AI
Bingham LTD
Available on
Long Range Hunting

2010 Limited Edition Remington 700 CDL SF chambered in 280.
The barrel was reamed to a Ackley and set back exactly one revolution with the lugs lapped and crown re-cut.
A very nice rifle shoots well and is a great example of a LTD CDL.
Approximately 450 rounds down the tube.
I can only find a couple of minor marks, one on trigger guard a minor mark on the stock next to the sling stud.
Looking for $900 plus shipping to your FFL. Can ship in original box.
Does not come with scope, base and rings. The 280 AI is a great 7mm caliber and I've found they shoot right along side of my 7mm Rem Mag with less recoil and less powder, my experience at least have 3-280's and 2- 7 mags.
Thanks for looking.