CZ BRNO Varmiter

about 6 years ago
CZ BRNO Varmiter
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Ok, I have a CZ BRNO Varmiter rifle for sale or trade. This was a rifle that I obtained in lieu of a debt owed to me. I do not expect to get what I lost in the loan; however, I would rather it not be a total loss.
I really do not know much about the gun other than the following:
1.) It is a CZ BRNO (There is not model number anywhere). I have had one person tell me that it is a Model 3 and another person tell me that its a VZ-24, and a yet another opinion that is a Model I don't know.
It has a custom engraved bolt handle.
A very nice stock, in my opinion.
It has been re-barreled to fire a 6mm projectile.
It has, in my opinion, been polished and totally re-blued.
I will let the pictures do the talking as far as how it looks. It is tapped for scope mount, but there is no scope.
Barrel has great lands and grooves. Looks like it could be a 1,000 yard shooter.
If someone here is interested, please let me know. While I am mostly interested in a cash offer (and I only say offer because I don't want to over-price it), but I would be interested in 1911 model trades - Gov't Model or Commander size.
Thanks for looking.