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Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping
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Make: BRNO Made In Czechoslovakia
Model: 468 , Single Shot
Caliber: .22
Location (city or county): Hemet
Price: $ 160 /// This Rifle is a C + R
Will ship (Y/N): Yes / On Buyers Dime
This is one of the more obscure Brno .22 rifles made by Brno. Made in very late 40s / early 50s, ( This one is made in ' 50 , So it IS C+R )
these very simple single shot bolt rifles definitely evoke a feeling of being created for use in back yard plinking. Weigh about 4 1/4 pounds, 39" overall length, 20 1/2" barrel. Simple rotating bolt safety. Locks the bolt and trigger / Great Trainer Rifle
The Rifle is a Lot of fun to shoot
Ribbed wood on the stock , Where a Buttplate would be
Here's the pictures