M1 Garand, Yugo K98, Czech VZ-24

over 5 years ago
M1 Garand, Yugo K98, Czech VZ-24
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I'm liquidating some of my surplus rifles, looking to diversify a little.
The Garand is a 1954 H&R w/ a '54 H&R barrel, ME of 2, TE of 3. Strong rifling, nice finish, and a super tight-fitting stock. Very little excess movement in gas system and trigger fit. Has the Korean-era stamped trigger assembly. Has been unfired since I got it from the CMP a few years back, still has cosmolene on it. Comes with all CMP goodies (sling and an enbloc clip)
I'm asking $1050, $1080 shipped. I also have four 200 round cans of HXP .30-06 that I will sell with the rifle for $130 each. Enblocs available as well.
The Yugo Capture K98 is a great shooter example. No Waffenamts on exposed metal, but a few underneath. Matching numbers on bolt and receiver, fairly rare to see on captured 98s. Has a good, strong bore, with sharp lands and grooves. Has the Yugo crest, preduzece 44 factory code, and mod. 98 on the receiver. A great, desirable mauser variant to shoot and enjoy. Has sight hood, cleaning rod, and a reproduction sling.
I'm asking $430, $460 shipped.
The Czech VZ-24 is also a great shooter example. Strong bore, sharp lands and grooves, with decent shine. Crest has been scrubbed, but it still bears Czech markings on the receiver, acceptance date of 1937, and it is a Brno. Has the VZ-24 sight protector, but no cleaning rod.
Asking $270, $300 shipped.
All rifles headspace perfectly, and will make great shooters and collectors.
Reasonable offer will be considered, but I don't want to make any trades. Thanks! PM me for info.