Randall Model 12 Confederate-NEW

about 4 years ago

					Randall Model 12 Confederate-NEW
Available on

Here's 17 inches of Merica available to be shipped today.
This would cost you $745 and a 4+ year wait if you ordered it right now.
I'm offering this for immediate delivery at $800 shipped/$780 FTF (Indy/Fishers areas)
These are crappy cellphone pics cause I just moved and can't find the card reader for my DSLR.
This is a Randall Made Knives Model 12 Confederate Bowie.
These are similar in style to those carried by my forefathers during the War of Northern Aggression.
Its options are Rosewood handle and brass Crow's Beak butt.
It is a late 2014 production and was shipped to me straight from the shop.
It will ship to the buyer in the original box with original papers.
Here's the link to the knife on RMK's siteRandall Made Knives
Model 12 ? Confederate Bowie
If you're interested in trading, I'm looking for:
-acoustic/electric Martin guitar
-date with Salma Hayek
-Browning Maxus
-Ruger Scout Rifle
-Dillon XL650
-Other Randalls
For anyone interested, I'll try to get better pics.
But it's as you see on the website but with a rosewood handle and different butt.
It is brand new.
Never sharpened, never sheathed, never used to cut anything. The factory protective grease is still on the blade. Sheath has never even been unsnapped.