1894 Winchester, 32 WS, Octagon Barrel Mfg. 1902

over 1 year ago
1894 Winchester, 32 WS, Octagon Barrel Mfg. 1902
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I have an 1894 Winchester, 32 WS that was manufactured in 1902 according to the Winchester serial number website. It has an octagon barrel and a wish bone rear sight. Works perfectly mechanically and looks great for its age. I actually used it in a buffalo hunt 3 years ago. 1 shot stopped him in his tracks and I made a follow up shot to put him down. It worked perfectly. If you look in the photos you will see an area that was repaired at some point in time. A weld on the top of the receiver......a gunsmith said he could make it look a lot better by removing the extra weld material. It really doesn't bother me but the new owner can decide.
Cabela's has one almost like this one made in 1904, round barrel and standard rear sight WITH a completely broken stock that is leather wrapped that they are selling for $895.........most similar models are selling from $1,100 to $1,500.
I'm selling this one for $1,100
I'll verify shipping details since I believe this comes under antique or vintage arms.
PM me your number for additional photos