Marlin 336XLR, Morgan Hill, No Shipping

almost 2 years ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Santa Clara County

Make: Marlin
Model: 336XLR
Caliber: 45-70 Govt.
Location (city or county): Morgan Hill (prefer to complete PPT at Lokey in Morgan Hill)
Price: $1,080.00 (package deal with Ammunition)
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: Round count is exactly 44-rnds, two boxes of HSM Cowboy Action and 4 rounds of the Hornady Leverevolution.
To be honest, I am just not man enough to shoot this gun. I am a large man but this thing is a BEAST!
I bought it after watching Jurassic World. I have no doubt that if the T-rex ever came back to life that this would be a viable option to take them down.
I have really tried to enjoy this firearm. I think it is a beautiful gun. The 45-70 is known to be able to take any game in North America, Moose, Bore, Bear, Bison, Buffalo... etc. I don't hunt so this gun has got to go.
It is in excellent condition. I hate to see her go but it is just not practical for me and I would rather put that money into something else I will use.
For the price, you are getting the gun, 96-rnds of Hornady Leverevolution 45-70 GOVT, 325 gr FTX (these have some serious power behind them), and 40-rnds of HSM 45-70 Govt, 405 gr round nose flat point. These are a little more tame.
I do not have the box or the any paperwork for this gun. You will need to bring a box or case to complete the PPT.