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about 2 years ago
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Long Range Hunting
Grants Pass Oregon

I was planning an extended off the beaten path camping trip up into BC and Alaska summer before last so I had a 2015 Marlin 1895ss 45-70 guide gun built for me by Brockmans custom shop in Idaho. Jim was the founder of the guide gun conversions and was only gunsmith who had ss mag tube extensions so I used him. Of course like most custom shop orders they take 5x as long to complete as promised so the gun missed the trip.
It is new as built other than test fire at range for accuracy n function. Shot 325gr Hornady 1 inch groups at 100yds and handled some big bullet Buffalo Bore loads just fine. And for kicks I rang the gong at 600 yds by aiming at the top of the pine tree behind it..!
Its been sittin in my gun rack ever since and I would like to sell it or trade it to get a 204 light varmint custom bolt gun. The Marlin is a very cool rifle and would also make a great all around brush gun.
It had the following done to it:
-Trigger job
-Action job
-Bead blast stainless
-Skinner peep sights
-Brockman QD return to zero ss scount scope mount
-Gun metal grey Leupold FX-II 2.5x28mm scount scope*
-Limb saver recoil pad
-Extended ss mag tube (full length 6+1)
-Cross bolt safety delete
I want 2300 bucks for the setup. Cant get one built for any less and dont have to wait half a year to get it. Location S Oregon. No prob shipping to FFL.