Colt XM177E2 Clone - Sacramento, Will Ship

almost 2 years ago
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Sacramento

Make/Model: Colt XM177E2 Replica
Caliber: .223/5.56
Location (city or county): Sacramento
Price: $800. Shipping is an additional $20.
Up for sale is my Colt XM177E2 clone. Im selling this rifle as a parts kit, so no lower receiver or magazine will be included with the sale. This was a gunsmithing school project I built back in 2011. Im proud to say I got on A on it and the build quality shows. It was built solely to fulfill a school project and, since I never shoot it, Id rather sell.
The build consists of a DPMS A1 stripped upper, DPMS chrome-lined barrel, and DPMS lower parts kit. The chrome bolt carrier group and handguards are Rock River Arms. The upper receiver small parts are Bushmaster brand. The stock is a RARE Colt all-aluminum stock, not a plastic stock. The 5.5 moderator is a replica I made myself out of high carbon tool steel on a CNC machine and CNC lathe. Its a near exact replica of the Colt moderator, except that its completely legal to own since I machined it without any baffles. The final part was parkerized to better absorb the final finish. The 5.5 moderator is pinned and welded to the 11.5 barrel to meet federal barrel length requirements. The kit features the appropriate retro-style parts, including a teardrop forward assist and non-tapered delta ring. The entire rifle is refinished to match old-school grey colts. The receiver extension, furniture, and aluminum stock have been refinished in a Duracoat semi-gloss black in order to replicate the shine of the Vietnam era components.
Again, no lower receiver or magazine will be included in the sale.
Close up of pin in preparation for welding.
Welding Completed
Weld Cleaned in in Prep for Final Finish