Nice AR Pistol - DD Upper & Brl, Free Float Handguard, Low round Count - Need to Sell ASAP - $500

over 3 years ago
Nice AR Pistol - DD Upper & Brl, Free Float Handguard, Low round Count - Need to Sell ASAP - $500
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This is a really nice little pistol I put together from a DD upper, with 10.5" barrel, and a Bushmaster Lower. Need to sell FAST due to a deal I dont want to pass up - this way we both win! Considerably less than 100 rounds through it, flawless function and with the 10.5" barrel it is just really really loud and slightly deafening unlike the auditory terror that is brought with a 7" barreled pistol, not to mention increased function from a carbine length gas system. I was going to use this deer hunting on the coast, but a deal came along that I will just hate myself if I pass (hate myself more than normal that is).
I havent had time to clean it since a trip to the range today but consider the poor pics a small trade for a heck of a deal. I have about $700 in the pistol, $350 into the Mauser and $300 in the Eotech.
Several options:
Eotech 556 (eotech is good condition, works perfect, and has tupperware);
Complete Parts kit minus Lower
Complete parts kit minus Lower with Eotech
Pistol sans sighting apparatus:
Pistol upper:
Pistol Lower
AR Pistol
really nice Obeldorf Mauser in 308 with Canjar trigger and glass bedding:
AR Pistol,
really nice Obeldorf Mauser (mentioned above)
Mauser has original owners social engraved in front of breech, should be covered by scope mounts. Leaving it open for 2 days for $500 and up sales before splitting it out into smaller lots (open Sunday evening by the piece). First person to give me the cash gets it, not able to hold it due to obligation to purchase other item. Will have to travel to Washington to pick up other firearm, so the only concession is that I will hold it in good faith until I drive through pdx for a member in good standing in the area.
Genuine Eotech, not a knock off.
Buyer pays transfer as I am already losing my shirt on the deal