WTS/T: HK G3A4 clone, professionally built. San Bernardino. Will ship.

about 2 years ago
WTS/T: HK G3A4 clone, professionally built. San Bernardino. Will ship.
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Bernardino

J.L.D. Enterprises Inc.
Model: PTR-91
Caliber: .308
Location (city or county): San Bernardino
Price: $1600 or trade
Will ship (Y/N):
Other info:
This rifle was built over 10 years ago with the best parts available at the time.
The builder was an HKPro member known for his expert knowledge of HKs as well as the quality of his professional high end builds - particularly of PSG1, MSG90, and HK21E clones. The barrel gap and rollers were adjusted and the action tuned to the same degree that he does for his PSG1 builds when customers want to use standard rollers instead of the half moon rollers. I'm leaving his name and handle out of this for the respect of his privacy - the buyer will know who it was.
The receiver is an original J.L.D. Enterprises Inc PTR-91 receiver from before they became PTR Industries. It was a virgin receiver and not a take off.
The parts kits was an excellent condition Portuguese HK licensed military G3 parts kit from before the import bans when pristine kits could still be purchased. It was made fully to HK spec using all military grade components.
The full auto trigger pack was replaced by a Vector trigger pack. This was over 10 years ago when Vector was considered the BEST, bar none, of HK style parts in the country.
Also included is an A4 stock. I was told this was a German HK stock when I bought it. HK didn't mark a great deal of their collapsible stocks so I have to go by what the seller told me, but the construction does point towards it being German (spring pins instead of screw or rivet construction on the end plate). It locks up very solid and the rubber is still in excellent condition.
A sealed battle pack of 140 military surplus ball cartridges is included. I believe it is South African, but am not sure.
I have several magazines if it is legal for you to own. I had one blocked with a piece of aluminum but when the laws on mags changed I disassembled the gun and discarded the mag block to be safe. No mag locks are included but an E-Clip or washer under the mag release with a 10 round magazine is enough to make it currently legal as well as legal after January 1st - or register it and just assemble it. HK's go together with push pins like an AR-15 and no tools are required to assemble or disassemble them.
Full disclosure: A total of 40 rounds of Privi Patrizan was fired through the gun and then put away. I have neither the range distance nor free cash to feed a .308 rifle. I used the E-Clip method for mag locking and as such there is finish wear where parts slide together. This wear is NOT visible once the gun is together as it's from taking the gun apart and putting it back together. If more pictures are needed, let me know what you want to see and I will get them.
Would prefer to trade with +/- cash for:
Bushmaster ACR Basic Folder
Kriss Gen 2 Super V in .45 acp
Sig 55* series rifle
some other unique rifle that is ban registration eligible.
I haven't kept up with prices recently so I'm asking $1600 FTF but am open to any reasonable offers. I'm willing to make a long drive - even to Northern California - for the right deal. I'm also willing to ship, even out of state, if the deal is right.