i shot a desert tech... mutiple bolt guns, Redondo beach, Will Ship

over 1 year ago
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(city or county):Redondo Beach

[b]Make: LRI built remington 700
[b]Model: remington 700
[b]Caliber: 338 norma mag
[b]Location (city or county):Redondo Beach
[b]Price: 2500 w/o optic, 3750 with optic/rings if purchased together OBO
unless you have a desert tech, no trade offers. And if i am way off on my pricing, feel free to message even if you dont have any interest in buying
[b]Will ship (Y/N): yes
[b]Other info:
I know that this is a has a niche market and this caliber needs to be reloaded, so i am selling a complete setup to get you shooting (load data is provided). Technically i am the third owner of this rifle, but i was also the first (I sold it to a good friend who never shot it when i needed money for an operation for my dog).
there are exactly 433 rounds through this barrel so there is plenty of life left in this girl. For someone who is interested in getting into the mile game the right way from the start, this is a complete setup to get you playing.
-Remington 700 action with bolt knob and fluted bolt
-Bartline MTU contour 9.3 twist barrel finished at 29" with a badger thruster blended in.
-barreled action cerakoted in patriot brown
-timney calvin elite trigger (safety lever removed but included)
-MDT Remington branded tac 21 chassis with 3.775 accurate mag
-PRS stock with MDT recoil pad
-Atlas bipod
-Bushnell XRS 4.5-30 with burris customizable cant rings (including base, 60MOA in on right now)
-forester sizing die
-whidden micrometer seating die
-200 pieces of 2x fired norma 338 brass in storage boxes (+15ish used for load work up, some of these pockets may be loose)
-200 berger 300 OTM projectiles
-2 50 round loading trays
-midway drag bag with cleaning rod inside
i tried to crop out my messy garage the best i could...