1940S S&W Victory Model .38 Spec -- Correct WWII Issued Sidearm w/ US Govt. proofs

over 5 years ago
 1940S S&W Victory Model .38 Spec -- Correct WWII Issued Sidearm w/ US Govt. proofs
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For trade is a nicely preserved S&W Victory model.
This is a pre model 10 M&P which was made for military issue in the 1940s. Mine is one that was made for the US Army and stamped "U.S. PROPERTY G.H.D." on the top strap along with the various military proof marks & whatnot. Because this is an American service Victory model it is chambered for .38 Special, and not one of the stupid smaller (and hard to find) cartridges that the Brits were using then.
It is a numbers matching piece, with great tight lockup, tight fitting crane with no warping, good forcing cone, etc. -- it has the famous old S&W "long trigger" which is about the smoothest DA triggers ever made -- S&W stopped making them like this in the 50s, and not even their performance center stuff is as good now. So, it is a great accurate shooter, and a good collector's piece which should keep appreciating -- I have put a few boxes of ammo through it over the years and it puts most newer revolvers to shame. I liked it so much I even picked up a set of replacement and tune up parts, which would come with it. I also have a well-worn set of checkered M&P grips w/ medallions which I could toss in if you prefer checkered grips.
For you collectors and enthusiasts, the unique features of the Victory model are the sandblasted parkerized finish, the smooth un-checkered grips and the lanyard ring. All Victory models have a "V" as the first digit of the serial number.
I'm looking to do a FTF transaction in the PDX metro. I have an OR DL and CHL for your inspection, and request that you have an OR DL at a minimum.
I'm thinking cash value of about $500 or trade value of about $600 -- I'm willing to consider reasonable cash offers IN PERSON, but I'm not desperate, and I wont take a low ball offer.
For trades, I'd be interested in a pre-lock S&W or Colt .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum, with a 3"+ barrel, or a quality 1911 -- I could add some cash to the right trade. Also, I had some pretty awesome groups with my buddies full sized Sig M11-A1 9mm the other day, so I would consider something like that as well
I'm not interested in any plastic or polymer guns of any kind, or anything made in South America.
Here are a few pics. I have more & better pics I could email to someone who is seriously interested.