Bond Arms Derringer to TRADE for compact lightweight revolver

almost 6 years ago
 Bond Arms Derringer to TRADE for compact lightweight revolver
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I HAVE -- a Bond Arms Derringer (Texas Defender) in polished Stainless steel w/ Rosewood grips and removable trigger guard. 3" barrel chambered in .45 Long Colt & .410 2.5" shot. The gun is in excellent condition, with low round count, mostly used for carry in a pocket holster. . As part of Bond's modular system can be easily fitted with barrels in .38/.357, .45ACP, .22, etc. These are widely considered to be the finest derringers in the world, and are stout heavy guns made in Texas entirely of stainless steel. The gun comes with original box, very nice form-fitted leather pocket holster, and for the right deal could include a variety of top grade defensive ammunition.
I WANT -- a compact and lightweight revolver in .38+p or .357 Magnum . I'd prefer a S&W with a short barrel and a bobbed but exposed hammer. I'm willing to consider shrouded hammer designs, and other makes but I'm big on quality. I'm not interested in plastic or polymer framed guns, and the only makes I'm looking for are S&W, Colt and Ruger. Also, I already have a S&W 66-5 w/ a 2.5" barrel (which I love, BTW) -- I'm looking for something significantly smaller and lighter than this.
Drop me a line with what you're offering -- I have expensive (and hard to find) ammo and some cash to add to the Bond Derringer for the right gun. And, no, I'm not interested in selling it -- please don't ask.