Ruger Vaquero (first edition, not New) 45 Colt

about 5 years ago
 Ruger Vaquero (first edition, not New) 45 Colt
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Unforeen expenses require I sell some stuff.
I have a like new Ruger (Old) Vaquero, 6-shot, 45 Colt. 4 5/8" barrel. It has the "case colored" finish. Also includes original Ruger box and brown outer box. This original vaquero is built on the heavier frame and can handle the heavier 45 colt loads. Great for the hand loaders out there. Uses transfer bar firing system so no worries about hammer over a live round. No need to half cock the hammer to spin the cylinder - only have to open the loading gate. Has faux ivory grips, though also includes ruger wood grips.
Wanted to get this out there - pics soon.
I can add some 45 colt ammo at very competitive price for the right deal.
, cash, face to face, Oregon residents only, LEGAL to own firearms. Must show OR id/ODL. the closer to Hillsboro the better.