S&W Model 49-1 Bodyguard -- Pre-lock, Blued steel, Shrouded Hammer, J-Frame Snubby

over 5 years ago
 S&W Model 49-1 Bodyguard -- Pre-lock, Blued steel, Shrouded Hammer, J-Frame Snubby
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So, I bought *another* snubby revolver this afternoon, and have decided to put one of my safe queens up on the block.
She is a beautiful S&W .38 Special Model 49-1 in bright polished blued steel, with a case hardened hammer and trigger. This is an older pre-lock Smith revolver so the firing pin is on the hammer, and there is no MIM parts -- made back when they were hand fitted. As a result, the trigger is great in both SA and DA -- smooth and crisp. Tight lockup, good timing -- shoots better than you thought a J-frame could
The bluing is in great shape with almost no visible wear, and only a very faint turn line on the cylinder. Newer set of shock-absorbing Pachmayr Presentation grips with no visible wear. I got this awhile back with the intent of making it my daily carry, but it ended up sitting in my safe instead.
The shrouded hammer design gives you the best of both worlds, with a quick draw snag free design, that still allows Single action accuracy. And the steel framed model 49, while a bit heavier than an alloy framed airweight, soaks up a lot more recoil and helps improve accuracy, especially in newer and less practiced shooters.
$550. They don't make 'em like this anymore, and it is very rare for one to have survived in this condition. I have a strong suspicion that the box I ammunition I put though it is all that has ever been fired through this gun.
I will consider trades for interesting handguns made by quality marques, especially older S&W and Colt revolvers -- just not any more snubbys
I'm not interested in plastic or polymer guns, sorry.