Black powder rifles for sale

over 2 years ago
Black powder rifles for sale
Dan Wesson
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Northwest Firearms

Good day,
I have 9 black powder rifles for sale.
First is a Connecticut Valley Arms Frontier Hunter Carbine. .54 cal, adjustable sights, no rod. Price $150
Second is a Kentucky flintlock rifle. Two piece stock, 45 cal, no manufacturer mark. Price $150
Third is a Navy Arms with flip up sights and metal ramrod, .58 cal. Price #369.00
Fourth is a Richland Arms Co. Wesson Rifle. .50 cal percussion, double set trigger, adjustable sights with extra engravings. Price $500.00
Fifth is a Thompson Center carbine. .45 cal, double set trigger with adjustable sights. Price $275.00
Sixth is a Kentucky longrifle, custom built. .45 cal, open sights. Price $225.00
Seventh Thompson center carbine. .45 cal adjustable sights, missing the tension pin. Price $100.00
Eighth is a Numerich Arms rotating barral rifle. .45 cal open iron sights. Price $400.00
Ninth is a Connecticut valley arms Stalker carbine LEFT HANDED. .50 with adjustable sights. Price $250.00
Proceeds will go to fixing this disabled vet's home. PM me to set up a time to view. Weapons located in Hillsboro.