Three 1911s for sale: Springfield/Wesson/Baer

almost 3 years ago
Three 1911s for sale: Springfield/Wesson/Baer
Dan Wesson
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Northwest Firearms

All pistols are in fantastic shape. No trades please.
1) Springfield MC Operator with custom work:
The pistol was sent to Springfield Armory's Custom Shop for 20LPI machine checkering (then slightly dulled points by hand), frame refinishing, and single thumb safety conversion (for right hand shooter). Other custom parts include: Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, 10-8 Performance rear u-notch sight, 10-8 Performance flat trigger, EGW custom fit barrel bushing, VZ Grips Tactical Diamond black with super scoop thumb notch, Wilson Combat hex grip screws, Wilson Combat recoil spring plug, Wolff 16# recoil spring $1200
2) Dan Wesson V-Bob $1500
3) Les Baer Commanche $1900