British No.4 Mk 1 Enfield .303

over 4 years ago
British No.4 Mk 1 Enfield .303
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Franklin, Cumberland, Dauphin

British No.4 Mk 1 Enfield chambered in .303
This is a 1943 BSA Shirley (Birmingham) built rifle. I'd put the metal finish at about 30% - there are some pieces that look like they may have had surface rust a long time ago (specifically spots on the magazine.)
The bolt assembly is not matching and has mostly Savage-stamped parts. The barrel is an original 1943 five-groove Mk 1 with the tiny CAI import mark under the muzzle. There is some pitting/frost but the bore is shiny. The rear sight is the 300/600 flip-style battle sight. I bought a Faz-marked micrometer sight for the rifle but after have great accuracy with the battle sight I left well enough alone. I will include the micrometer sight in the deal as well as an oiler and pull-through in the buttstock.
The wood stock pieces are all a nice matching shade with some very minor dings but no splits or cracks. There is a small arsenal repair to the buttstock near the wrist. I've been told the sling is WWII British-issued and there is an ink proof stamp that is illegible.
This is my last Enfield and I kept it over all the other "lookers" because it shoots 1-2' at 100yds with .311 180gr bullets all day long. The trigger pull is a smooth 4.5lbs.
Will meet FTF in Franklin, Cumberland, Dauphin, southern Perry or western Adams Counties. No trades or lowball offers please. Thanks for looking!