REDUCED! Multicam Surgeon Scalpel in SWAT Magazine

over 7 years ago
REDUCED! Multicam Surgeon Scalpel in SWAT Magazine
Heckler & Koch
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OK heres the deal. This gun was built by Preston @ Surgeon, it was then shipped to Terry Cross to have his "knob" installed, while @ KMW, Terry also threaded the barrel 5/8 x 24. The gun was then shipped to be dipped in Multicam. The silencer (not for sale) built by & was serialized to the gun by Doug Melton @ SRT.
The case was also custom water jetted by Wayne Holden @ Hardigg Cases for this project. I have personally shot four boxes of Federal 175gr Sierra Matchking BTHP(period)I am not sure how many rounds where shot out of it by Brent Wheat (the author) of the SWAT Magazine article....I cant imagine it was more than 100?The gun has since been in my safe. It seems shameful to just let it sit and collect dust. I just don't have the time or place to shoot it.I would like to sell the package which consists of.The Surgeon Scalpel, USO SN3 red Illuminated TPAL, w/ dipped ARD , Leica LRF 1200 range finder, Kestrel weather station and of course the case. (3) AICS Multicam mags, as well as a hard to find KAC mount for your PVS22 and a never used Otis cleaning kit. I also have about 40 hand loads from the once fired brass as well as 20 subsonic loads also from formed brass.As far as the article goes...the author did actually mis diagnose the stock - he called it a McMillan a5, when as you can see from all pics it is a AICS. He did also mention some nicks in the camo...There are some little tiny nicks here and there. I never actually noticed them until I reread the article and looked much more closely. It is certainly not something the casual observer would ever notice. I think the author need something to say on the negative side to balance his article.Please read the article it will answer many questions re: specs.Oh, the gun did leave the Surgeon factory originally ceracoated in OD. The Multicam was dipped over that. This F*CKER is a tack driver!!$7,000. $6,000. OR , $5,500. for Scoped Guns and Case. I'll cover the shipping, insurance is on you. USPO Now for the sexy bits.please pm ?'s