WTS: PTR-91 Early JLD w/ Heavy Barrel + Extras $1100

almost 7 years ago
WTS: PTR-91 Early JLD w/ Heavy Barrel + Extras   $1100
Heckler & Koch
Colorado Kid
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HK Pro

For Sale $1100
This is one or the early ones with the crowned heavy barrel. Good trunnion & gap. Lots of original HK parts. I have successfully shot all kinds of NATO & SA surplus and Euro & US commercial ammo with no issues. There are the standard wear marks from 3 gun matches, claw marks, cocking handle area etc.
It also includes:
1. Williams trigger job
2. HK 21 Cocking Handle & Original Cocking Handle
3. Ace Receiver Block, Ace Folding mechanism and Ace collapsible stock
4. Magpul CTR adjustable stock & Original fixed Buttstock
5. XS Tritium Standard Dot front sight & Original sight
6. The Wilderness "Giles" sling w/ Kevlar loop
7. Pachmeyer Overgrip
8. 10 HK G3 Alum Mags
9. convert53 Cleaner Thingy
10. Sight Adjustment tool