► Sabatti Match Bolt Action Rifle WITH ► Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x Scope

11 months ago
► Sabatti Match Bolt Action Rifle WITH ► Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x Scope
High Sierra
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Difficult rifle to find, Sabatii has been around for bolt actions have a huge following in Europe. Made in Italy.
Sabatti has been making firearms since the 1700s. To say they know how to make a proper bolt action with a quality barrel is an understatement. This is a barrel that shoots less than 1/2 MOA with Federal Sierra Match Kings. My best group was actually with Sig Sauer Elite Performance Match 168 Grain.
Most surprising, was this rifle shot a 3/4 MOA with 150 Grain Fiocchi ball ammunition during my second range trip to zero the Athlon Scope.
I'm not even that good of a rifleman. I'm certain someone more skilled than I can do much better.
68 rounds through her from two range trips (logged).
Properly broken in for the first 12 rounds (boresnake, clp, borensake) after each round.
This is without a doubt in my mind a PRECISION Bolt Action Rifle that will hold it's own with custom builds. Trigger is light, (measured 1.8 pounds), zero take up. It's better than the Calvin Elite I had on my Remington 700.
The rifle has the custom requested 27" Barrel, Stainless Steel, Crowned, HEAVY contour, Barrel Flex is out of the question and recoil feels like shooting a 223.
Although I'll be honest, this is definitely not a rifle you would want to take hunting. She's a heavy girl.
Comes with the Athlon Cronus 4.5-x29X Scope. After I bought this scope and saw how the clarity compared to my Vortex HD2, I immediately sold the Vortex.
34MM Geissele Scope Mount. Set up perfectly for competition, and I am confident this setup will hold it's own with custom builds.
I was blessed to find out last night that my wife has another on the way so I need to prepare (babies are expensive).
Selling because with my current 10 month old baby daughter and a second on the way, I simply will not have enough time to drive out to shoot the Sabatti and would like someone who would appreciate her.
Will NOT seperate scope from the rifle. The Athlon Cronus, Geissele Mount, the Sabatii Rifle itself and it's amazing trigger is really an amazing combination.
PREFER FTF so seller can examine rifle and SCOPE prior to making decision. Athlon Cronus replaced the HD2 during second range trip. 28 rounds through the Athlon Cronus.
Comes with everything pictured and includes a Hard Case Sabatti Carrying Case that's foam inserted, perfect for transport.
This complete setup is in like new condition. Always cared for properly, cleaned and lubricated after each trip. This is a rifle that gets a lot of attention at the range.
Asking $2860 for everything.
Located in San Diego, Escondido, Poway, Orange County, Temecula. (SOCAL)