Mossberg 500 12GA w/ Mesa LEO Adapter, Danville CA - Will Ship

2 months ago
High Standard
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Danville, CA

500 Cruiser/Blockade (Not Sure)
Location (city or county):
Danville, CA
$425 (you pay shipping not sure how much but probably $40-$50 with insurance. Will let you know once I know. Will need to know your address to get a quote from
Will ship (Y/N):
Other info:
Shows some signs of use. Scuffs and such from normal use and racking the slide. Still looks great. Very sexy shotgun. Has lots of great upgrades so I am taking a loss.
- Came with the flash hider you see installed. The hider has an aggressive end to it. So it can be used to bash in doors, windows, barricades, etc. Or be used to strike an attacker.
- Has an upgraded GG&G AZ Forend with a light rail built into it. So mounting a flashlight is really easy.
- Has a standard A2 Pistol Grip.
- Has a TacStar Side Ammo Carrier Receiver Mounted Side Saddle Installed.
- Has a TacFire Picatinny/Weaver Rail Mount installed for mounting optics. But you do not need to. The mount has a groove in it that lets you still see the front sight post. The mount is also removable if you don't like it.
- Has an upgraded Mesa Tactical Stock Adapter, and a milspec Buffer tube that will allow you to use the slip-on stock of your choice. I am not including the slip on stock at this price. It is available for an additional fee. See below. But there are perfectly acceptable less expensive options out there. So I wanted the choice to be yours.
- Includes a like new discrete case.
Happy to do a PTT at Solar Tactical in Livermore, CA.
NOTE: Check your drivers license to make sure it does not say FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY. You need either the old one before they started doing that or the new REAL ID. You will also need proof of residency, such your vehicle registration and car insurance or a utility bill.
If shipping you will need to have your FFL email a copy of their paperwork and I can ship to the address on it. They charge money to receive items by mail. Standard is $75. Some charge more. So call around and find one who is affordable.