Definitive Arms DAMR-54r Vepr

11 months ago
Iberia Firearms
Available on
Cal Guns

Inland Empire
Will Ship on Buyers dime
Comes with Comp featureless grip,
2x 10rnd mags and 2x OEM 5rnd mags
From: Atlantic Firearms
Definitive Arms has added the ever popular Russian Vepr Rifle in 762 x 54R to their line up of rifles. The DAMR is
designed to be a Dedicated Marksmen Rifle for customers wanting increased accuracy with the reliability of the Kalashnikov operating system. The Russian Vepr rifles offer a superior base rifle to build from and Definitive Arms takes it to the next level . Each rifle is hand selected before starting the Enhancement program to pick the cream of the crop . The 23 inch barrels are cut down to 18 inches and Match Grade Target Crowned to improve the accuracy . The barrel is threaded to 5/8 x 24 to allow a wider Avrit of muzzle brakes to be used and the gun is ready for your favorite sound suppressor ! Definitive also checks to make sure the iron sights are dead on and straight and aligned to the bore of the gun . The action of the gun is further improved with smoothing of the working surfaces including fire control .
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