Interarms/Rossi SXS 12ga working hammer coach gun sell/trade

about 6 years ago
Interarms/Rossi SXS 12ga working hammer coach gun sell/trade
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i have up for grabs a early interarms/rossi (the good one, this is pre braztech and taurus junk) SXS 12ga coach gun. this is the one with the actual REAL WORKING HAMMERS that actually strike the firing pins to fire the gun, NOT one of the cheaper fake hammer models.beavertail forend, 20" barrels, choked modified/cylinder,double triggers,chambered for 2 3/4 or 3" mag.....these things are extremely hard to find, especially in this condition. has a little safe and handling wear on it, but nothing major. probably had 20 rounds thru it.
looking to sell outright for $500 cash .these routinely sell for more if and when they d come up as they are extremely hard to find, and are in very high demand by the cowboy action shooting crowd...go to gunbroker or gunsamerica and type in rosii or interarms coach gun and see how many you can,or possibly trade for complete AR HB flat top upper (including bolt and carrier, pretty much just slap on and go) or ????......always open to interesting trades.... might also take a part cash/part trade. looking for some of the following
complete buck 184 survival knife
complete aitor desert king (NOT the jungle king) knife with all factory accessories in sheath
tops tom brown tracker knife (the full sized model, not the smaller one)
case rio grade bowie knife
ruger 10/22M
bolt action ruger 22 hornet
or ???????????
as i said, im always interested in decent trades......
i am NOT interested in trading for any ammo. ive got PLENTY and i reload for everything i own.
FTF in redding ca or will ship.