Custom built mid-length Rifle (Umbrella Corp. Lower)

almost 4 years ago
Custom built mid-length Rifle (Umbrella Corp. Lower)
Invest Arms
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M4 Carbine

WTS: New custom built AR w/ mid-length gas system. 100% factory new Tier 1 parts purchased and professionally assembled by a Colt certified armorer. Rifle was cleaned, well lubricated and battle sight zero'd w/ Winchester M855. Rifle runs flawlessly, grouped less than 1 moa during zero and the recoil pulse is non existent with the mid-length gas system and VLTOR A5 buffer combo.
Parts list:
Umbrella Corporation forged lower receiver.
White Oak Armament lower receiver parts kit.
Battle Arms Development BAD-CASS ambi safety selector.
KAC enhanced trigger guard
Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Trigger
VLTOR "A5" E-mod stock assembly
BCM Mod 1 grip
Tango down PR-4 sling mount
VLTOR MUR-1A billet upper receiver w/ forward assist and shell deflector
BCM/VLTOR charging handle
Young N/M M16 select fire bolt carrier group
Geissele MKIV super modular free float rail system
TROY Ind. back up iron sights
BCM hammer forged barrel
BCM mid-length gas tube
VLTOR gas block
Original YHM Phantom flash suppressor
Photo's below...pardon the's just lube. The weapon is absolutely flawless inside and out.