or Trade: Custom 6.5x47 Lapua W/ McMillan A5 Adj, GAP Camo

over 2 years ago
FS or Trade: Custom 6.5x47 Lapua W/ McMillan A5 Adj, GAP Camo
Krag Rifles
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Long Range Hunting

Rifle built off a new Remington 700 Action. Not a take off, not previously used.
Rifle Built By Norbert, w/ Sure Shot Precision Rifles in Boise Idaho.
Mentioned here for having multiple rifles winning in the top 100:
Best Gunsmiths
Bolt and handle work done by Kampfeld Customs:
Kampfeld Custom - Custom Rifles, Custom Gunsmithing
Barrel: 26" Mullerworks M24 contour
Action: Remington 700, complete true & blue print
Trigger: Timney 510
Bottom Metal: Remington 700 BDL
Stock: McMillan A5 Adjustable - Sniper Fill (not bedded)
Bases: 2-Piece NF 20 MOA
Weight at pictured is right around 11.25 to 11.5 LBS
3 shot groups were always touching. I was using 123g AMAX for break-in and sighting in. I was/am going to switch to 140 Bergers for the real load development. Less than 100 rounds fired with proper break-in. Will post exact round count once I count the unfired brass.
I should have taken pictures but didn't know I'd trade the scope off the rife before I had a chance. I found a 300 Win on here I had to have. I traded the NF ATACR I had on it for the rifle.
All thats left is to Cerakote the metal parts. I was going to do FDE or Mil Spec OD Green.
All brass (98-99 pieces, some always disappear on me), two sets of full-length dies (regular and bushing). Modified case for OAL guage and new box of 140 bergers (100).
Over $3000 in parts and gunsmithing. I'd take $2500 cash, which doesn't even cover the rifle components, dies, brass, and bullets.
Also interested in trades or trades plus cash. Would separate the barreled action from the stock, as I'd be fine keeping the stock.
Possible trade items:
Custom Hunting rifles of similar components/build quality and limited use (round count)
Would like a custom .338 of some flavor (Lapua, Norma, Weatherby, EDGE, etc.).
Custom actions - Magnum and Lapua Bolt face
Late model, Weatherby in 340 Weatherby, 338-378 Weatherby, or 338 Lapua, Mark V synthetic
High End Optics (I have a custom 28 Nosler just about to be completed)
More pics and details to follow. Ask questions.