James River AK 74 $850 Modesto

about 2 years ago
James River AK 74 $850 Modesto
Krag Rifles
sean michael
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Cal Guns

5.45 x 39
Oakdale, near Modesto
Will ship FFL to FFL on your dime
Purchased from Atlantic. Took it to the range and put less than 100 rnds through it to test function. No problems. I brought several other handguns and rifles to the range that day. Very nice looking rifle.
Here's the description from Atlantic's website-
James River Armory AK 74 Rifles 5.45 x 39 are built from excellent condition matching original Bulgarian Parts kits with US chrome lined barrels . The Original Surplus stock sets are refinished in a beautiful Red Finish .Tapco G-2 Fire control for a clean & crisp trigger break .James River Custom builds each Heat Treated receivers and matches the serial number to the parts kit for added collector value
. The rifle has a
Hot salt blued finish to match original Old School style AK metal finishes.
Rifles are all test fired and windage alignment wheels set by laser is checked in test firing. backed up by a 1 year James River Factory Warranty. James River Armory is famous for their Vintage rifle restorations of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, K98 and more .