Mountain Rifles Inc. 30-378 5 lb 15 oz $1700 OBO

about 2 years ago
Mountain Rifles Inc. 30-378  5 lb 15 oz $1700 OBO
Krag Rifles
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Long Range Hunting

Built by the late Dana Campbell of Mountain Rifles Inc. on a trued SS Rem 700 action with a 27" stainless barrel and his custom timed brake.
I am the original owner of this lightweight beast and have hunted quite a bit with it through the years.
The brake tames it fairly well but it certainly doesn't "kick like a 243".
As you can see by the photos it has been Duracoted in Kryptek Hylander.
I hate to see it go but I have moved on to shooting precision long range with the 6mms and 6.5s, and this gun just doesn't get used anymore.
I weighed it on a postal scale at just under 5lb 15oz.
I'm asking $2100, including dies and just under 100 twice fired brass.
I would be interested in a trade involving a Kahles 6-24 with the SKMR3 reticle.