WTT Remington 7 SS - 7mm08 - Sacramento

over 1 year ago
WTT Remington 7 SS - 7mm08 - Sacramento
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Sacramento

Make: Remington
Model: 7 SS
Caliber: 7mm-08
Location (city or county): Sacramento
Price: Trade
Will ship (Y/N): Not at this time
Other info:
Testing the waters for trading a Remington Model 7 SS in 7mm-08.
This is a beautiful rifle in excellent condition and in the desirable Stainless Steel/7mm-08 caliber.
With the CA deer season rapidly approaching, this would be an excellent choice for this coming season.
I am interested in the following for trade:
9mm and 45 Semi Auto's
S&W 38/357 Revolvers with 3" or shorter barrels (Prefer Stainless)
I have more than enough shotguns and rifles so I am only interested in a handgun for trade.
I am placing the trade value of this rifle at $550.00 with accessories (Leupold mount, Leupold medium rings and Soft case).
Please don't waste our time with $200-$300 valued trade offers.
If your trade value is greater, I have no problem adding $ on my end.
PM me with your offers and I will respond.
I work 5am - 3pm with one of those lovely filters so I won't be able to respond until evening.
If I am interested, I will respond asking for more information and pictures.
I am willing to travel up to about 75 miles from Sacramento provided the offer value warrants it.
I would like to physically inspect any trade offers and would expect you would like to do the same.