Tikka CTR 308 Win, Stainless, Beast Brake, Price Drop: $850.00

almost 2 years ago
Magnum Research
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Long Range Hunting

Great condition Tikka CTR in 308 win with Muzzle Brakes and More Beast Brake (brand new).
50 rounds fired by previous owner. I have never shot. Did some trading and it's just a little too much overlap with guns I already have.
Brake was media blasted to a matte finish.
$1,050.00 shipped, w/out scope and rings. Sell the package for $2700.00. Scope is not for sale otherwise.
Mostly interested in a cash sale but would be interested in trading for a couple of items (full to partial trade):
Proof Research Barrels (Must be 28", Sendero, Sendero Light, Full Bull considered):
7mm, 28", 1:8 twist
30 Cal, 28", 1:9 or 1:9.4 Twist
Custom Magnum Bolt Face, Long Action. Stiller Predator or similar