Tikka T3 Tactical KRG X-Ray

over 3 years ago
Tikka T3 Tactical KRG X-Ray
Magnum Research
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I'm selling my .308 Tikka T3 Tactical. I'm the original owner and only took it out to the range with a box of Federal Gold Match 168 gr. to test it out twice. Tikka includes a certificate that guarantees 1MOA or better at 100 yards, which is better than I was able to put out. I've added a couple enhancements to improve the accuracy, balance, and ergonomics of the rifle.
Rifle: Tikka T3 Tactical .308
Chassis: Kinetic Research Group (KRG) X-Ray Chassis in Sako Green
Magazine: Accuracy International 5 round Magazine & Accurate-Mag 10 round Magazine
Brake: Surefire Socom Muzzle Brake (SFMB-762-M18x1)*
*Green Tikka Rifle Case shown is also included.
The rifle looks new like it came straight out of the factory since I've only taken it out twice and put a handful of match ammo through it. I have the original box and literature that came with the rifle. I do not have the original synthetic stock or magazine.
$2000 cash and a signed Bill of Sale takes it. I will consider fair offers. Cash only and I'm not interested in any trades of any kind. Anyone who is interested in seeing the rifle can arrange a meet with me in Beaverton.
Text me at 503-891-9340.
Thanks for looking!
And this is what it could look like complete with an Optic and Bipod...