Wts custom 7 saum proof research barrel

over 2 years ago
Wts custom 7 saum proof research barrel
Magnum Research
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Long Range Hunting

I am posting this for a guy that had BULISTX in Caldwell ID build him a 7saum. He decided he now wants a 338 Norma. This rifle has only been seasoned the Proof research suggested way. Clean, shoot3, clean, shoot3, clean, shoot5. So a total of 11 rounds of seasoning. The rifle is ready to go. Ron is aware that he cannot sell as new. So his loss your gain. He paid $4145 for all of this setup. He is wanting to sell it all for
$3500 plus shipping. Here are the build parts.
1. Rem 700 SA SS receiver blueprinted with PTG .250 recoil lug
2. PTG one piece bolt with flutes, and speed lock firing pin assembly, fluted bolt shroud and knob, lapped into action
3. Proof Research Gen 2 Sendero Light contour 25" long, 1-8.4 twist, plus a Harrells radial MB
4. HS Precision Gen 2 bottom metal with wsm magazine.
5. McMillan Game Hunter with Edge fill stock bedded with Devcon steel bed to action
6.Timney 5120 thin shoe trigger
7. Nightforce 20 moa, 2 piece base set.
8. Redding Delux 3 die set, 11 pieces of 1 time fired NOSLER 7saum brass, Modified 7saum case for bullet seating checking.
9. All metal is CeraKoted black.
WEIGHT of rifle as you see it is 7lbs 6oz