MG 34 Parts kit, semi receiver, extras

about 5 years ago
MG 34 Parts kit, semi receiver, extras
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Dillsburg, Pennsylvania (York County)

MG34 parts kit that should be complete. Ask me if you don't see a certain part and I'll look or if you want pics of certain items send me your email.
-Have several extra bags of parts pictured I bought from BMG.
-The barrel shroud assembly comes with the bipod and both sights, in beautiful condition.
-Has one drum and some links in the bag.
-Has two rear stock/buffer assemblies, One wood and one bakelite. I have the wood stock assembly attached to the semi receiver.
-That receiver I welded up with a jig, welded the areas that need blocked per project-guns for semi-auto use, but it needs a bunch of cleanup still. No cam pieces in that one.
-I did acquire another set of receiver pieces that has one less cut, saw cut, has the cams, and overall much nicer shape, so I was thinking of using that one instead.
$3500, cash, no trades, face to face to PA resident with drivers license and LTCF.