Two Featureless AR-15 builds, 5.56, Larue, PSA, Daniel Defense - Walnut Creek

8 months ago
MK Arms
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): Walnut Creek

Make: PSA/Larue, Shadow Ops/Daniel Defense
Caliber: Multi
Location (city or county): Walnut Creek
Price: $800, $900
Will ship (Y/N): N
I'm cleaning out the safe, and selling a few firearms that I'm not shooting so that I can buy a new watch.
These are my long guns, I have some handguns listed as well.
Please DO NOT post any questions or offers in this thread. The only time I see what's here is if I do an update, and I will almost certainly miss any comment. Please PM me with any questions or offers.
PSA/Larue 5.56 - This is a complete featureless build.
The upper is new and unfired, the lower fired a few hundred rounds when it was part of my .22LR build.
It will come with two 10 round magazines and the price is $800 or best reasonable offer
Anderson forged upper
Larue Tactical PredatAR 16" stainless steel barrel, Mid-length gas, chambered in 5.56, 1X8 twist
Charging handle
BCM KMR Alpha 10" rail
Kineti-Tech muzzle brake concussion/sound redirector
Palmetto State Armory lower
Rock River Arms LPK
Rock River Arms 2 Stage National Match Trigger
Strike Industries trigger guard
Magpul MIAD grip,
Exile Machine Backfin
Battle Arms Development ambidextrous safety selector
A2 stock.
Shadow Ops/Daniel Defense - This AR has seen about 400-500 rounds.
The billet upper and lower along with the Daniel Defense barrel make it one of my most accurate rifles.
It will come with 4 ten round magazines and the price is $900 or best reasonable offer.
It was custom Cerakoted in Magpul FDE.
Working Man's Armory billet upper
Daniel Defense Light Weight 16" chrome lined barrel, mid length gas, chambered in 5.56 NATO
Fail Zero NiB full auto BCG
BCM Gunfighter charging handle
BCM KMR Alpha 10" rail
Kineti-Tech 2 piece muzzle brake with concussion/sound re-director (directs sound down range rather than out to the side)
Shadow Ops Weaponry billet lower
JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring
Geissele SSA-E 2 stage trigger
Ambitextrous safety
Magpul BAD lever
Thordsen Gen III enhanced FRS stock kit