Mosin Nagant 91/59 Carbine Rifle, 20.5 Barrel, 1943 Izhevsk w/ Matching Serial, SAC

about 1 year ago
Mosin Nagant
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Selling a beautiful mosin 91/59. I bought it at an estate sale and fired 20rds of PPU through it, cleaned and lubed it and has sat in the safe since. These are pretty rare, especially in this condition. Obviously aresenal refurbished since these were 91/30s converted to Carbines. Finish your Mosin collection!
Mosin Nagant 1891/59 model
CAI imported with serial number
7.62x54r chambering
1943 Izhevsk Receiver
Ground down rear sight like the 91/59s were
Beautiful wood stock with no cracks
Strong rifling, not counterbored
Comes with cleaning rod
Serial numbers matching on stock, buttplate, magazine plate, Receiver, Bolt
Located in Sacramento CA
$450 with free shipping to c&r ffl03 holders
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