WTS: 8mm mauser ammo, G43, K98, and MP44 parts

almost 7 years ago
WTS: 8mm mauser ammo, G43, K98, and MP44 parts
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Bumped to add ammunition and lower prices.
I currently have quite a bit of 8mm I'd like to get rid of.
Got out of MG's and have a bunch of this lying around.-- 246 boxes of mid/late 1950's era Yugoslav ammunition.
15 rounds per box.
Brass cased on steel strippers w/196gr bullet.
Lots of 405 rounds (27 boxes) for $100+actual UPS ground shipping from 49014.
All Romanian 8mm ammunition is sold.
Yugoslav above is still available.
Thanks for looking.
Please contact me at cdouglasn at gmail dot com with any questions or concerns.G43/K43 Parts:
I don't have photos yet, but I do have a complete reproduction G43 safety assembly.
Comes with everything you need including lever, plunger, snap ring, and plunger spring.
I bought it new when a machinist and G43 enthusiast put a small number of them up on ebay.
It's never been installed on a rifle.
It looks great and is in new condition.
$50 shipped.
Original G43 fire control group (complete trigger pack). 214 marked, all parts pictured included. Appears to be in excellent shape. $150 shipped
***SPF***Original gcb-marked G43 magazine, solid, original shooter-grade magazine $115 shipped***SPF***http://gunsofthereich.com/pics/g43parts/g43mag.jpgK98/Mauser 98 parts
SPF: $30 shipped: Fair condition bolt (complete except for main striker spring), rusty in spots but should clean up, probably from Vz24 rifle Sold pending funds
SPF: $45 shipped: Fair condition sling, original WWII production, solid, but worn.
Missing small retainer loop.
Sold pending funds$20 shipped: Cocking piece, safety, and buttplate screws, all from RC K98's$10 shipped: Mosin Nagant follower assembly
MP44 stock Ferrule and hardware: $399 shipped
cos-marked MP44 stock ferrule assembly with all hardware and washers. Also included are the bands for the corners of the MP44 stock and the associated screws. Bands are a little worn, but completely serviceable. The finish on the ferrule has faded to a patina tan.
For those of you looking for one of these, you know how hard it is to find this part.