Aero 308 AR Rifle, Desert Dragon, 18" Criterion Barrel - San

12 months ago
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Aero Precision
Model: Desert MAD Dragon
Caliber: 308
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $1650
Will ship (Y/N): maybe
Aero 308 AR, with Desert MAD Dragon Cerkote
High End Compents:
- Criterion Nitrided Barrel, 18", 1-in-10 twist (Criterion part #1018S-HYR-N)
- Aero 308 Bolt Carrier Group
- VTLOR VC-301 Muzzle Device
- B5 Enhanced SOPMOD stock, P-23 Grip
- ALG Defense ACT Trigger
- Raptor AR10 Ambi Charging Handle
- Seekins Ambi Selector
- Aero LPK
- Patriot Bullet Button, Quick
Aero briefly offers different factory Cerakote schemes. This is the Desert MAD Dragon. Rifle has seen just two range trips, probably about 40 rounds fired. Shot some very tight groups. Criterion barrel is top notch. Trigger is very smooth single-stage trigger.
This is a fully compliant CA rifle. It has the new Patriot bullet button, no registration issues.
$1650 in San Diego
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