Century Arms Cetme .308 w/extras $600

over 5 years ago
 Century Arms Cetme .308 w/extras $600
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Northwest Firearms

a WORKING Century Cetme
Good condition Cetme. I've run few hundred rounds through it - shot fine. Charging handle operates smoothly. Bolt in good shape - no evidence of it being ground down as some Century's were. I haven't measured the bolt gap - I will be glad to put a gauge in there and see. From what I know, the bolt gap should be in the range of 0.3mm - 0.5mm. Mine appears so.
Currently has plastic buttstock, though I have a spare wood buttstock for it. Has the plastic handguards - I don't have the wooden ones. Also comes with extra mags - at least four of them, maybe more. I have a clamp on scope mount for it too - comes with. Also have few misc spare parts - an extra bolt, carrier...
I have lotsa NATO 7.62x51 - so I can include some to sweeten the deal.
and pictures - yes, I need to take some. If really interested, PM me and I'll get to it.
$600 cash, face to face, Oregon residents only. Must present ODL/picture ID. Preference given to CHL holders. Willingness to come out towards Hillsboro for meetup also appreciated.
Let me know.