DPMS Panther LR-308 - LNIB *SPF*

over 5 years ago
 DPMS Panther LR-308 - LNIB *SPF*
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Northwest Firearms

Update: note about the price. I made a mistake. I priced based on what I thought I remembered paying for it. I found the receipt and I really underpriced it. I am not a gouger, but I'm not going to screw myself too badly either. It is still a good deal considering it includes the like new rifle, 3 extra magazines (total of four), and the carry handle and front sight (with riser). When I bought, it came factory standard with one mag and no handle or front sight. I apologize for the confusion.
I bought this new earlier this year. I still have the box. I've shot it - it shoots fine. Maybe 200 rounds shot.
Simple issue of having too much in .308 and selling to pay for my M1A.
I'll provide pics when I get them - if you need them urgently to make a decision, let me know that.
For now, stock pic:
it's the flat rail top. I have an attachable carry handle for it as well as the space block for the front rail and the front iron sight. The current price is with the carry handle and front sight.
Includes: box, like new rifle, 3 extra magazines, carry handle and front sight (with riser).
SPF $900 cash, face to face, Oregon residents only, must show ID. Preference given to CCW holders in good standing. No shipping