WTS/WTT: Various C&R's - Orange County

11 months ago
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South Orange County

I have a lot of c&r's that I lost interest in and/or no longer collect for sale/trade. I would strongly prefer to trade them for other c&r's rather than sell them. I'm interested in WWI/WWII complete pistol rigs and c&r sniper rifles.
I am also very interested in any gun that has correct, numbered capture papers.
I'm located in South Orange County (Lake Forest), can do PPT at On Target or OC Armory if needed, C&R + COE buyer preferred. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Willing to add $ for the right trade.
Please scroll down for photos/descriptions/prices:
Argentinian Modelo 1909 Mauser, 7.6553mm Argentine, amazing condition, 100% matching parts, not import marked that I can see. One of the most beautiful Mausers ever made - $800
1896 Krag, excellent condition, barrel had been reblued but has a mint bore, amazing stock for it's age with crisp and clear markings. Antique, no FFL transfer required - $1100 (Including 2 1/2 boxes of Remington 30-40 Krag ammo)
Canadian 1905 Ross Rifle, Mk II, excellent condition, great shooter - $1200
Beautiful all stamped matching 1944 M38 mosin in the correct stock, it's in perfect rearsenaled condition - $600
Beautiful 100% matching with full crest Brazilian 1908 Mauser - $650
M1 Garand, excellent condition CMP rifle that comes will the original CMP case and paperwork, Springfield WW2 receiver dated December 1943, most parts SA marked. Excellent CMP stop, muzzle/throat read 2+/2+ - $1500
T38 Short rifle in a very rare Chinese made Yew wood stock, full mum, mismatched bolt - $500
T38 Short rifle converted by the Chinese to 8mm Mauser - $600
T38 Long rifle, Chinese conversion to 8mm mauser, somewhat rough, but a complete somewhat rare gun - $400
(All three Arisakas together - $1200)
Nepalese made copy of a Enfield 3 band musket, excellent condition with bayonet - $500
Excellent unissued condition all matching Persian 98/29 Mauser with an excellent (non matching) persian contract bayonet still covered in the original cosmolene/grease - $1200
Mid 3 lever VIS35 rig, pistol is from the middle of the 3 lever production. All matching, with 2 original magazines and a original German Holster - $1200
Steyr Hahn 1912, matching WWI pistol in 9mm Steyr, made in 1916. Accepted into WWI military service in Vienna in 1916, unit marked - $600
Singapore Police Force Webley, excellent + condition - $700
FN 1900 pistol, made in 1905, excellent all matching condition for a 111 year old pistol - trade only at the moment