CMP Garand 30-06 with hard case

almost 2 years ago
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Northwest Firearms

Current issue DCM M-1 Garand 30-06 naturally. The photos pretty much tell the story as to the look and condition. The tag shows the chamber & muzzel numbers and and DCM grade. Comes with a book, one enblock and DCM hard case. I haven't shot it but am pretty confident it would be a good shooter in the hands of a skilled marksman. (I'm not) Asking $1,150 and about the only trade I would be looking for would be a Savage 1919 NRA Trainer bolt action 22 LR. I'd look at others but would rather have cash. I'm in Lebanon but can meet up with a buyer at their FFL of choice and the "legal fees" are on the buyer. Please respond by PM or call me at 541-401-1063. I DON'T TEXT If you want to preview it at the Albany gun show this week end I will have it there and we can do the BGC there also. I can send other photos if needed. I'm not much of a shutterbug.