Savage 12 FCV .223 - 26" (SoCal SGV)

over 1 year ago
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SoCal San Gabriel Valley; might travel

USE PM for any questions or concerns. If you post here, it'll just take longer for me to reply.
Make: Savage
Model: 12 FCV 26"
Caliber: .223
Location: SoCal San Gabriel Valley; might travel
Price: $1,565
Shipping: $30, but PLEASE make sure your FFL will accept from private parties. Do NOT ASSUME they will!!!
Moving on to a long-action project to get to 1k+
Easy hits out to 600 (poppers smaller than the 10" pig height) at Angeles. Check my zoomed in pics for targets peppered with shots. 500 poppers close to 100% accuracy, but 600 is where the wind sometimes gets me, needing up to a full mil of hold. Keep in mind the pics of the glass is at 30x and taken with a cell phone camera, so it was difficult to hold steady on a 2mm exit pupil, and is not a representation of optics clarity. I mean, you can see the tiny .223 hits on camera, that's how good the glass is.
The rear spacers, I added to get the 15"+ LOP. Total round count = 400. This is a turn-key package for stationary varminting (15 pounds!) / casual bench gun. Complete list of parts below:
Bell & Carlson "A6" Stock Part of the riser shortened for bolt removal(I can swap back to the factory one if you wish)
Weaver Tactical 6-30x56 (Japanese Light Optics Work glass in mil/mil illuminated reticle)
Burris XTB two-piece base
Burris XTR Signature 34mm rings (sitting at 10 MOA cant with the inserts)
Threading done by R + D Precision
Venom Defense brake (read the review here)
Rifle Basix SAV-1 trigger; got rid of the annoying blade
Over-sized LE bolt knob (have the stock round one if you prefer)