Silly Rifle for sale or trade..

over 6 years ago
Silly Rifle for sale or trade..
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Okie doke kids, here are a few items that are taking up valuable space in the rifle rack.
They are less than exciting, but I am sure some one needs a cheap beginner gun for christmas or the truck or to club baby seals.
So here it is:
The Silly: BUY ME
Tula SKS, severely bubblegumized.
Also received in a trade.
Has been stuffed into a TAPCO 6 position stock w/ TAPCO mag.
Barrel cut to 14.5" with 2" brake permanently attached.
Has custom high rise scope mount/carry handle permanently attached and brand new stainless steel gas piston and operating rod/spring.
Bolt and rails lapped for smooth reliable function.
Pretty silly gun, really.
Doesnt really fit my general collection, so now its time for it to go to a good home..
So, what I am looking for is a small cheap 9mm/38+p for a recently widowed friend who lives out in the boonies.
Doesn't have to be anything special, more finish damage the better.
Also interested in AR lower- Plastic or metal, doesnt really matter to me.
And, of course, 20GA O/U.
I am located on the central coast, and wander the Central and Northern I5 corridor fairly often.