S&W 1012 Semi-Auto Shotgun, $400 in Bakersfield

over 1 year ago
Smith & Wesson
Available on
Cal Guns
South San Joaquin Valley

S&W labeled Model 1012 Semi-Auto Shotgun,3" chambered 12 gauge,
synthetic stock
Added clamp-on fiber optic front sight.
3 chokes
factory box
factory manual
$400 in Bakersfield
Will ship on buyers' dime, or will deliver within 100 miles, if gas paid one way.
I'd say it is in at least 80% condition. There were one or two small abrasions to the receiver, but aluminum black fixed those
This is one of the turkish-made, S&W labeled imports in the early/mid 2000s. I swear it looks like it is the same gun as the Weatherby SA-08.
I haven't taken the time to figure out a replacement for Photobucket, so no images of my personal shotgun at this time, but a photo of an example of the model is at the bottom of this post, and I can text photos for serious inquiries.
I am selling this for financial reasons, coupled with the reality that I have half-a-dozen 12 gauges and I don't seem to use them more than once every 2-3 years.
This shotgun is simply redundant.
One caveat-Like the Weatherby SA-08, this shotgun is designed to handle 'light' and 'heavy' loads.
Like the Weatherby [uses the same bushing system- I swear the same gun], this shotgun isn't a fan of rounds under 1300 fps, or under 1 1/8ozs [or both].
If you think of it, it makes sense.Medium to heavy 2.75" rounds are 'light', when compared to medium to heavy 3" rounds- and this gun is designed to handle both.
It does NOT like the 1140fps loads, or 1oz or lighter loads: the same ones I use in my SxS and O/U shotguns, due to their age.As someone unfamiliar with shotguns, I assumed 1140 was 'light', but hadn't factored in the gun's design capability to handle full-power 3" rounds as well- causing a shift of the spectrum of what they mean by 'light'.
Not trying to scare anyone: just being honest, so you know what you are getting.
I don't have pictures, but can send text photos if you pm me and are serious.
Here is a picture of the model of shotgun I am selling, but it is NOT the one for sale. Yet, the only difference I can see is that this one has a screw-in FO front sight, while mine has a screw-in bead, and a 'clip on' FO front sight in front of it:
Here is a link to an article about it, which has more pictures- and is behind a pay-wall. I can't find more links for reviews that are free.
All the other pictures I have found are for ones for sale on Armslist or gunbroker or something, and are NOT appropriate for me to us.Again, this picture is as close to what mine looks like as I can find, with the difference of the front sight. And, if you ARE serious, I can take pictures to text them.
Thanks for checking this out.