Italian Garand 308 - OC - No ship

4 months ago
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): HB, OC

[b]Make: Springfiedl
[b]Model: M1 Garand
[b]Caliber: 308
[b]Location (city or county): HB, OC
[b]Price: $1,295 OBO
[b]Will ship (Y/N): No
[b]Other info: For sale is an interesting Garand in 308.
This one is built with a new SIAU barrel and a Springfield receiver.
Most parts are Springfield, the stock and barrel are Italian.
I can't tell if this is rearsenal by FAT (Fabrica Armi Terni) or put together state side.
This Italian Garand is 1/2" shorter than standard Garands.
If you're a Garand collector, this will add to the collection nicely.
I gauged the chamber with a 308 Go and No go Gauges.
Does not close on NG and closes on Go.
TE = 0, ME = 1.
Please PM with questions or comments.
PPT within 30 miles of HB.
Thanks for looking