Salient G17 Gen3 "Tier 1" Costa - SOLD

over 3 years ago
Salient G17 Gen3 "Tier 1" Costa - SOLD
Standard Arms
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One Glock model 17 reworked by Salient Arms as a Costa Ludus "Tier 1" pistol.
Includes all you see here: Pistol with tritium front sight, Salient-marked plain/serrated rear sight, 2 17-round Glock magazines with LAV base plates, LAV slide lock, LAV magazine release, stainless steel guide rod, match fit barrel, grey Cerakoted slide (which despite being carried and holstered and unholstered by me almost daily for six months, shows little sign of wear - beyond some red leather fluff that has worn off my holster). Plus the original paperwork, case, Glock barrel, and internals.
The good: Barrel fit is very tight, but not too tight. Ejection is very consistent with no brass-to-the-face. The trigger is nice but not 1911-tastic. And I have put a couple hundred rounds through it with zero failures (always a good start). The stippling is, in the words of Colion Noir, "velvet". Aggressive, but not super aggressive, the tighter your grip, the more it bites - but it's not sandpaper like the ZEVs that I've handled or the original black RTF2 Glocks that I've handled.
The ignition parts for those who are curious.
The bad: The gun was really expensive and I kinda scratched the grip (I was carrying it on an almost daily basis), but the damage is very, very slight and doesn't normally show up well unless the lighting is at the right angle (as it is in the photo above).
This pistol cost me very, very, very close to $2990 six months ago. I'm asking $2000 shipped to the FFL of your choice.
Postal money order is preferred. Only partial trade I'm looking for would be a LAV Glock 19 or 17 (Dark Earth frame, RTF2 texture, &c.) and/or a Wilson Combat/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical.
Thank you for looking!