WTS/WTT: Swedish Revolver; WTT: Steyr-Hahn, Uncommon Mosins

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WTS/WTT:  Swedish Revolver; WTT: Steyr-Hahn, Uncommon Mosins
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WTT only:
VKT/B/Liege proofed M91Picture 022rs.JPG
A nice example of a very hard to find rifle.
The bolt is matched to the barrel shank serial number.
The metal finish is deep and looks good.
The barrel has a nice plum color to it. There are some dings in the stock and the bolt has some rust on it.
The bore is like new and everything else about it is great.
Of course that Liege proof is a big plus too!
more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/...naaa/VKTBLM91/1969 'no-maker' M39Picture 004rs.JPG
An extremely nice example of the lowest year of production for the 'no-maker, late-dated' M39's.
Other than a few very minor dings in the stock, the rifle appears to be like new.
The stock and hanguard have great figuring to them over almost all of their surface area and are very visually appealing.
The stock is post war does have a few factory plugs in it.
The bolt is matched to the barrel shank serial number and the bore is like new.
This is a very nice rifle.
more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/...lnaaa/1969M39/
1944 'no-maker' M91/30Picture 039rs.JPG
This is one of those Mosin oddities.
I believe it may have a recycled barrel, but I'll let you decide that for yourself.
The barrel appears to be scrubbed and restamped and it also has two indexing marks for mounting to a receiver.
It is stamped force matching in the typical places for a refurbished Soviet M91/30.
The metal finish is the typical dip-blue and with some black paint.
The stock has a few very minor dings and is attractive.
The shellac on the stock does not seem very flaky, so the fore end does not look bad from the rifle being disassembled.
I have not removed the cosmoline from the bore, but it and the muzzle appear worn.
The rifling is still very prominent in a visual inspection however.
Overall a very unique rifle to add to a collection.
more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/...NoMakerM91-30/M1912 Steyr-Hahn, Romanian MarkedDSC_0793rs.jpg
Due to the parts from different eras of M1912 production and the type of
finish, I am pretty sure this is an arsenal refurbished pistol of some
I have not attempted to fire it, but it appears that it would be
functional. It is missing the plug for the recoil spring, but this part
is not needed for it to fire; it only prevents entry of debris and makes
dis/reassembly easier.
The barrel has rust in it, but there is still a
lot of rifling left and it would probably be fine for recreational
shooting once it is cleaned up.
On either side of the slide large areas
of finish have been removed and for at least the left side some of the
markings have been scrubbed.
I am unsure as to the origin of this
modification, but the physical details of it should be obvious in the
The right grip panel has initials carved in it that appear to
have been there for quite some time.
The frame is from a Romanian
It is in the correct serial number range for the Romanian
contract and has the Romanian acceptance stamp on the right side of the
trigger guard.
The barrel is electro-pencil force matching to the
frame, but the slide does not appear to have this done to it.
The slide
is dated 1916.
It is chambered in 9mm Steyr.
more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/...aaa/M1912SHAR/WTS/WTT:Swedish 1887 Nagant revolver
$390 shipped, lower 48DSC_0796rs.jpg
Made by Husqvarna.
All matching but missing the lanyard loop.
It has definitely seen some use, but looks good and appears to be in very good shape without all that much finish wear(see pictures).
The bore looks great, but has some stubborn deposits towards the back.
A pretty nice pistol, but it does not fit into my collecting interests.
more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/...a/SwedeNagant/
Trading and Selling Details
As usual for the WTS items, the first "I'll take it" posted in this thread will get the item.
The prices include shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.
For HI and AK, the buyer pays shipping.
My two greatest collecting interest right now are Finnish weapons from WW2 and earlier (particularly items used by the Civil Guard) and Japanese rifles and carbines.
I do have a wide variety in interests in WW2 and earlier firearms, so if one of the items listed here interests you and you have something to trade please do not hesitate to propose a trade deal to me.
After all, the worst I can do is say "no."
Some of my lesser current interest include Persian Mausers, Norwegian Krags, WW2 and earlier Chinese firearms, and early/quirky automatic handguns.
I will need a C&R FFL or better to ship.
I am a 03 FFL holder myself.
I am willing to make any deals face to face and I am located in the Augusta, GA, area.
For any trade deals +/- money to 'even' the trade can be negotiated.
If you have any question about any of the items or would like additional pictures please do not hesitate to ask.
Thanks for looking.